Chernobyl Reportage

Apocalyptic scenario-Chernobyl

On the 26th of April, the world commemorates the Chornobyl catastrophe. Join us, along with our friend Vladimir Litovchenko, as we provide insights into the current state of the Zone and how it continues to evolve. Enjoy the journey!

On April 6, the Chernobyl zone in its Belorussian part was opened for tourists. This was announced by Maxim Kudin, deputy director of the Polesye State Radiation and Ecological Reserve, in an interview with OTN TV channel. According to him, in the Belarusian part of the zone it will be possible to look at the evicted villages; at the same time there are no “burial grounds” of equipment and dead cities that are especially popular in Ukrainian part. Radiation should not scary you: excursions will be laid in the most purified places.

It is noted that at the moment there are two routes made for tourists. At the beginning, groups will be sent twice a month, later excursions will become more often. The estimated price of the tour for a group of five people is 340 Belarusian rubles ($ 160). So far, no Belarusian travel agency could offer such an excursion in open access before.

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